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VOW Renewals & Affirmations

How would you like to  relive your wedding day? Renewing the vows and promises that you made to each other on that special day. 

A vow Renewal/Affirmation is a very special Ceremony to reaffirm publicly your Marriage Vows, in front of friends and family and to confirm, that the strong commitment you made on your Wedding day to each other, still remains and will continue to grow in the years ahead. 

The Ceremony is very similar to your Wedding Ceremony and can include any of the personal elements...symbolic gestures etc. The only thing that you don't need to do is the Legal part, as of course, that's already been done.

So whether you would like to mark ten years or fifty years of Marriage, or you had a small legal Ceremony and now want the big Party...I can create a special and memorable Occasion for you and your Guests.

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