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I conduct the following services. 



From your initial enquiry, right through our first meeting and until the end of your ceremony (or beyond if you want!) I will be there to guide you through the whole process

I will keep you right. 

Your ceremony is exactly that "yours"

Bespoke, personal and meaningful. you can choose what you would like to be included and if you want any of your friends or family to participate, or even your pet

(they are family after all) 

Music, readings, personal vows, symbolic gestures (eg candle lighting, hand fasting etc.....its a big list!) I can advise, explain and give examples if you are not sure on all of these.

Just remember, you don't need to have any of the above....your choice....

I want your ceremony to reflect you as a couple and that is what makes it so personal and memorable for you and your guests. 

Wedding Rings

VOW Renewals

Wether you've been married for five years or fifty years, a vow renewal ceremony relives your wedding day, when you made your vows and promises to each other. 

It is a lovely way of reaffirming, in front of friends and family, that what you said all those years ago still hold true. 

Like a wedding ceremony, you can include whatever you want, but this time without the legal bit as that's already been done. 

I will talk you through all of the elements, that would make your vow renewal, personal, meaningful, just like on your wedding day.

Sleepy Baby

Naming Ceremony 

Wouldn't it be really lovely to have a beautiful ocassion to welcome your little one officially to this big world and to formally recognise the name which has been chosen especially for them.

This is what a Naming ceremony is. A celebration for the life that has been created and the joy that this life has brought to so many people, just by being here. 

The ceremony is designed completely to your wishes and can include readings, symbolic gestures, music, personal promises to your mini human.....anything that you would like. 

I can help with suggestions and explain more, as to the structure of the ceremony, creating a truly momentous and special day for all involved. 



A humanist funeral is a non-religious service that is both a dignified farewell and a celebration of a life. It recognises the profound sadness of saying goodbye whilst celebrating the life and legacy of a loved one.

Meeting family members is a priority, to learn more and hear all about your loved ones life, and create a story that will celebrate this life and give them the fitting tribute and memorial that they truly deserve. 

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